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Introduction to Sailing

April 15, 2016 Club news, News No Comments

Starting in May – qualified sailing instructor, Stuart Moore will be running a series of free “Introduction to Sailing” training sessions.

The main objective will be to get participants to the point where they can sail a single and / or double-handed sailing dinghy round a triangular course. Participants can use their own boat or club boats. We should be able to achieve this within 6 sessions (every other wednesday evening during May, June, July) although much will depend on the experience of the participants and weather / sea conditions (if we fall behind we could do catch-up over a weekend). There are no prerequisites for the course other than minimum age 12. Any under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult and participants should be comfortable with being on the water.

At this stage we’re trying to guage interest / get an idea of numbers.

If you’d like to take part or volunteer to help – please email: ¬† ¬†and state:

Age if under 16

Watersports experience

Will you be using your own boat?

Do you have your own wetsuit and buoyancy aid?

Any medical conditions or special needs.

Those taking part do so at their own risk and only within the scope of their status as a club member.

Each participant will need to bring with them the following equipment:

Approved buoyancy aid

Appropriate protective footwear (not flip flops) – trainers are ok but bear in mind they may get ruined by the seawater


Waterproof / windproof top.

The club may be able to provide a limited number of buoyancy aids.

Sessions approximately every fortnight

Session 1

Introduction, safety, clothing, check weather and tides. Rules of the road (preventing collisions at sea). Joyride – demonstrate basic controls on the boat and name the components, demonstrate what each control does. Safe position lay to.

Session 2

Basic knots and when to use them – reef knot (reefing), round turn half hitch (temp mooring), bowline (rope taking strain)

Rigging a boat

Leaving and returning to shore

Tacking, land drill, then on water exercise


Session 3

Gybing, land drill then on water exercise

Introduction to the 5 essentials – practice boat trim and balance, centreboard trim

Controlling boat speed

Rounding buoys

Sailing a triangular course

Session 4

Introduction to racing

Exercise starting a race

Session 5

Fun races

Session 6

Introduction to safety boat crew duties

Fun sail


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