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Thar she blows me hearties!!

May 3, 2013 No Comments

First floor 2 First floor starts

Progress at last on first floor, as you can see from these pictures.

Thanks also to all who helped Tim and Ian with locating Anchor etc Saturday. Great stuff. Sarah D will now soon be on the water.

Commodore Mick

AGM & The Temporary Club Cabin

April 24, 2013 No Comments

Hi again folks.


Firstly John Mathews informed me today he had been contacted by a firm called Portacabin stating we should not use the term portacabin in relation to our temporary club house portacabin on the prom, as it infringes their intellectual rights. So from now on instead of us giving Portacabin,  a company we were unaware of, unexpected free advertising, we are banned from using the term Portacabin for temporary accommodation, So lets call it our portabin not portacabin in future. Got it?!
Secondly, the AGM was well attended and the results of the Constitutional deliberations under the stewardship of Warren Mitchell are = Motion  1. NO/ motion 2, yes/ motion 3 , yes. Rule 5a, yes/rule 5c,yes/rule 7c11, deferred to next AGM/final para section 3para 7 ,yes. All remaining suggestion received a Yes vote with minor amendments to para 68f. add SOCIAL facilities. rule 69 no dogs in CLUBHOUSE. eg does not exclude dogs on patio.
Thanks from the committee to everyone who took the trouble to attend and vote on a lengthy number of constitutional changes. Thanks also to those non attendees who gave others their proxy votes.
We managed to get another photo in today’s Lynn News re the Sea Cadets , we need to keep the publicity coming as we are still fund raising for phase 2. If you have any ideas re this issue please do get in touch. We need all the help we can get.
See ya in the PORTABIN soon

Work party Saturday 2pm (27th April)

April 24, 2013 No Comments
This Saturday Ian Holland Tim n I will need help to locate the mooring Bouy and marker Bouy positions at sea. We intend to be on the water by 2pm, so if you can find the time to help us please do. The more the merrier and will get the job over quicker.
 Committee Boat will be anti fouled painted and Ready we hope by the weekend too.
- Mick Ford – Commodore

Sea Cadets

April 18, 2013 No Comments










Sunday 14th April saw the arrival of 12 Kings Lynn Sea Cadets all eager to get on the water in some form or another. Unfortunately we had high winds all day though by mid afternoon we had them down on the beach with the help of Beth Harding , Dad Dave, Tim Starling, Steve Hunt n Dave Gumb. They were able to experience Windsurfing, sup boarding and would you believe SWIMMING Brrrr.

We managed a healthy Barbecue Thanks to Carol, Sandra and Sue  and at the end of the day the Cadets were asking to come back for more in the future !!! A great day despite the weather. Thanks go to Bob Panrucker of the Sea Cadets for organising their trip to Sunny Hunny.

Dont forget the AGM this Sunday at the Fire Station 3pm folks. See you there .



Welcome to our new website

April 8, 2013 No Comments


Hi folks and welcome to our new website. This has come about by the good offices of member Marcus and his Son Jack together with Liz Pendleton and John Matthews. I shall try to do an update Monthly now and this should mean I no longer need send out missives via email to 150 plus members forgetting to delete all those email addresses . I apologise if you have been upset by my inability to comprehend the technicalities of the system and did not delete your email address before clicking SEND. !!!


The AGM is on 21st April 3pm at the Hunstanton Fire Station. You will have all received the Agenda and papers so do come along and help us decide if there should be a CLUB  NAME CHANGE or not. Dont forget you can arrange for a proxy vote if you are unable to attend.


The New Committee boat Sarah D (see photo opposite) is almost ready for launch. Thanks to all who came down last Sunday and helped get the Trailer base ready and in situ. Will Rockliffe has done a brilliant job of building the trailer and all it needs now are for the wheels to be fitted and a repaint. So do contact Tim Starling and find out how/when you can help.


You will see we have a separate section for the rebuild so  hope to  keep you all updated on progress.

The portable cabin is in situ and the keys are in the coded locked box on the front by the door. Its the same code you used for your keys safekeeping in the past. If anyone is not aware of that code please phone or email Tim Starling or me, as we don’t want it broadcast to the world for security reasons.



This coming Sunday 14th April, we are hosting a contingent of Sea Cadets from Kings Lynn. 12 -14 of them will be at the club by 10am so we need all the help we can muster to ensure they have a great time, including a possible BBQ if the weather is kind to us. We want to assist as many as possible to get on the water during the day with their qualified sailing instructor Bob Panrucker and colleagues . So come along and show them what a warm family friendly club we are.


PARTAAAY for an Ageing club member !!!!

John Matthews will be celebrating his 50th Birthday party (lucky to be so young!!!) John tells me all watersports lovers are invited – but you’ve got to be prepared to dress up / have a laugh! Details below:



Come and laugh at John Matthews becoming 50 yrs old

Saturday 18th May 2013

7 – 11.45pm

Heacham Village Hall, Station Road, Heacham, PE31 7HG

Dress code: either Hawaiian, Geordie or mixture ‘Whay-aye-an’

Licensed bar, DJ, Surf-Simulator, compulsory stage-diving (once an hour name pulled from hat has to hurl themselves into oblivion), palm trees, limbo competition, lager, cocktails




Mick Ford 



AGM Reminder

March 25, 2013 No Comments

The AGM will be on the 21st April at Hunstanton Fire Station, an agenda will be sent to members shortly.

The Committee will be considering the views of the Membership and constitution working party next Monday at a committee meeting so that they can put recommendations to the AGM agenda. Please remember, members can ask for postal votes or arrange proxy votes if they are unable to attend the AGM.