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AGM & The Temporary Club Cabin

April 24, 2013 News No Comments

Hi again folks.


Firstly John Mathews informed me today he had been contacted by a firm called Portacabin stating we should not use the term portacabin in relation to our temporary club house portacabin on the prom, as it infringes their intellectual rights. So from now on instead of us giving Portacabin,  a company we were unaware of, unexpected free advertising, we are banned from using the term Portacabin for temporary accommodation, So lets call it our portabin not portacabin in future. Got it?!
Secondly, the AGM was well attended and the results of the Constitutional deliberations under the stewardship of Warren Mitchell are = Motion  1. NO/ motion 2, yes/ motion 3 , yes. Rule 5a, yes/rule 5c,yes/rule 7c11, deferred to next AGM/final para section 3para 7 ,yes. All remaining suggestion received a Yes vote with minor amendments to para 68f. add SOCIAL facilities. rule 69 no dogs in CLUBHOUSE. eg does not exclude dogs on patio.
Thanks from the committee to everyone who took the trouble to attend and vote on a lengthy number of constitutional changes. Thanks also to those non attendees who gave others their proxy votes.
We managed to get another photo in today’s Lynn News re the Sea Cadets , we need to keep the publicity coming as we are still fund raising for phase 2. If you have any ideas re this issue please do get in touch. We need all the help we can get.
See ya in the PORTABIN soon


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